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A View from the Booth - Why We Keep Coming Back to Front Page Arlington

This blog is courtesy of one of our regulars Maggie on what the Front Page means to her. For those of you out there who agree, send us your stories and we'll post them too!

Ok, I'll admit it - we went to the Front Page Arlington (FPA) the first time because we heard it was a Caps and Caps fan hangout and it was strategically placed across the street from Ketter Iceplex where the Capitals practice. And as the mother of a then teenage CapsStalker, it seemed the right place to go grab a meal. What we have found over the past few years as proud members of Front Page Arlington Anonymous - is that FPA is so much more than a Caps hangout.

So what makes us keep coming back? It has a lot to do with owner Jorge Fernandez and the family he has put together to make FPA the Cheers of Arlington. From the hostess who meets you at the door to the servers and bartenders and managers, everyone goes out of their way to make you feel at home. Sure we have our favorites - can't deny that - but it's because they take time to get to know you and become friends.

Jorge hsa set a standard of care for his patrons. The first night we ventured in for dinner he recommended the crab and artichoke dip and it was AMAZING! But what impressed me most was that on a Friday night in which the restaurant and bar were packed, he found time to come over and greet us. When my burger came out a bit on the red side, he quickly took it back to the kitchen, cooked me a new burger, and then took it off the tab along with the dip! I was hooked!

Every time after that someone was there to give us special treatment. I remember our first brunch when we sat on the patio and the bees started buzzing around us - the on duty managers Dave and Justin picked up all our plates and moved us inside to the bar area which is where we first met Sasha. We had two young kids with us and they did everything to make us comfortable and even got us fresh drinks and food. That was the start of "our booth" in the bar where we come to catch up with Sasha and of course now Minjin, who always greets us with a big hug and by now knows what we are drinking and sets us right up!

Over the years we have spent more and more time at FPA. We come in for a hot soup on a cold day - yes that's where we were while Snowmageddon happened. We drop in after Caps practice or on the way to a game to talk all things hockey and soccer with Jorge. We celebrate special occasions at Front Page now because Jorge and his team always make it feel just a bit more special than other restaurants. And when I was out of town for an extended period of time, Jorge and the crew were there to check in on my daughter at Kettler or whenever she came over for lunch or dinner - someone took the time to sit and talk about school and work. Now that's more than just a restaurant - that's family.

So yes - it is still THE Caps place in Arlington. We run into players and fans there all the time. Some of your favorite Caps bloggers and tweeters can be found sitting in the back of the bar sharing Caps stories about road trips or what they saw at the last game. So if you want a place that supports the community (check out the Movember link adn watch for the food and toy drive coming soon), has a regular following (see @Cmarek and @frontpageva on Twitter), lots of sports fans and neighborhood locals, and great food and drinks (did I mention the Crushes?) Front Page Arlington is the place. A little bit of home on Wilson Blvd.